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  • Brian T Baker 09/20/2012 1348154291

    Wow, is our groomsmen picture really from that Food Network gig in Boston? Ahhh-mazing. Can't wait, guys. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
  • Annie 09/19/2012 1348076865

    Yay!! Only 3 more weeks to go!!! I can't wait to celebrate with you as you begin your new life together as husband and wife!! AND I finally get a sister!! :) Love you both very much and the site is beautiful!
  • Trisha Magarie 09/19/2012 1348076534

    Jenny & Nick, I have waited for this day to come! i am so honored to be part of your big day! i cant wait!! I love you both!!!
  • Grandma and Grandpa Cammalleri 08/10/2012 1344608527

    We are so happy to be there to share in the beginning of your life together.
  • Bonnie Piotrowski 08/04/2012 1344082862

    This is beautiful - love the links, the photos......the whole thing. I feel so lucky to see you two begin your married life together.....and to be blessed with such a wonderful new daughter! Love you lots!

  • Your website is amazing! Can't wait to share your special wedding day with you both : )